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At V&S Publishers we realize the importance of quality content. After successfully publishing more than 600 general titles for the masses for almost a decade, we ventured into publishing academic books. An extensive research into school books segment made us believe that there was a dire need for quality help books for various school level affiliated exam viz NTSE, NSTSE & Olympiad. More than 2 year of hard work & V&S Publishers Gen X Imprint was launched with top notch Olympiad books for students to read, learn & progress.

V&S publishers is one of the few select publishers who have published a complete series of 39 Olympiad Guide Books in the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Cyber (Computer) from class 1 to 10.All books are sold nationwide via big & small sellers and online via Amazon etc. Following enormous appreciation from readers and demand from book sellers and distributors we designed a complete online system for students preparing to appear in these exams.

The 39 core books published in year 2015-16 were firmly established in the market. This set of books is now being enlarged and improved with the addition of 10 booklets for each class explaining the syllabus, schedules and how to prepare for this important examination. These books come with CD’s & vouchers for free online tests. When you buy a particular book you will find a CD attached to it. Along with it you will get a printed voucher containing a code. This code is your gateway to access online support for that particular subject. This coupon is valid for one year from the date of registration/Login in. On the CD there is a contact number available, should there be any problem in accessing the online support system or query. You can call this number for resolving the issue confronting you. They would also help you if something is ambiguous or confusing. Instructions for registration and Terms & Conditions are given below for further clarity.



1. Very easy to use & fun based

2. Compliments CBSE/ICSE curriculum

3. 24 x 7 usability

4. Instant results

5. Solutions available

6. All India Ranks

7. Topic Wise & Full Course Mock Tests

Registration Process

Step 1: Click on the Register Now button to open the registration page.

Step 2: Fill in your details along with the ACTIVATION CODE (mentioned on the Online Test Voucher inside your book).

Step 3: Create your own username and password.

Step 4: Click submit to create your account.

You get registered with us for 365 days.

You can now login into your DASHBOARD anytime from anywhere and start giving the tests.


Existing User

Terms & Conditions in course of accessing and using Online Test Package:

1. Online support is available 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. on working days for one year from the date of first Registration.
2. Copy and Paste buttons have been disabled
3. Access to V&S Publishers’ Olympiad Online Tests can be had on one platform only (PC or Tablet or Mobile phone etc)
4. Online support is FREE of COST and it corresponds to the unique Activation Code enclosed with a particular Olympiad book of any subject and class. All Activation Codes are different for different books and classes..
5. The CD and Activation Code form a single entity and can’t be used separately. Any attempt to misuse may result in cancellation of the student’s registration.
6. On the CD, a contact number is given. They will clarify any doubt you may have regarding online support. Please know that they are the only one holding the exclusive and non-transferable responsibility for total online support. The publisher and online support system are separate entities.
7. The mock tests are just for practice and in no case they represent the actual exam to be conducted by respective bodies. ​